Jeanneau 64 Yacht

Fractional Sailing

What is fractional sailing?

Fractional sailing is a new and exciting concept that allows easier more economical access to the world of luxury boating.

Many more of us would own a sailing yacht if someone else made it more affordable and with less hassle. That’s exactly what Texas
Coast Yachts can do for its members.

We make boating easier by removing the negative aspects of boating and allowing you to enjoy more time sailing with your friends and family.

Each yacht in the fleet has an Owner Member and a limited number of other highly trained, responsible Members who share using that boat on a monthly basis.

Most boat ownership typically use their boats 2-3 times per month, leaving many days available for others to use.

Prior to fractional sailing, the only other opportunity to sail a luxury yacht if you didn’t own one, was to charter it for a short vacation time. While enjoyable, this option is expensive and limited.

Now, for about the same cost, you can have regular access to the yacht of your dreams!

Benefits of fractional sailing to members and boat owners:

  • Schedule your sail time in advance, or with 24-hour notice
  • Day, evening, weekday, and weekend time slots
  • No maintenance, slip fees, loan payments, or insurance costs
  • 3-14 guaranteed uses per month, plus as-available use
  • All inclusive for less than the cost of slip fees, insurance, and fuel alone
  • Various Member Plans to meet everyone’s budget
  • No long-term commitments, buying or selling to upgrade to a larger yacht
  • An experienced professional team ready to serve you
  • Training classes to help you sail with confidence
  • All Members take pride in owning a membership share

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll make your dream come through!

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